Week 1 Assignemnt

This week we are required to search for various blogs and resource sites relevant to the field of instructional design or training in our workplace setting.  Below you will see bookmarks for three blogs and brief overview of the type of content that can be found on each of the instructional design blogs. 

The best blog I found this week can be accessed at http://professorjosh.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/social-media-in-education-twitter-being-used-in-arts-and-sciences-courses/ and is called Social Media in Education.  I can’t think of a more useful tool in instructional design that the use of social media.  It seems like today, everyone uses social media tools as a means to keep in contact with every aspect of their life.  This blog site gives detailed ideas on assignments to give students to allow them better interaction and learning using social media.  One assignment asked students of ENG 456 Reading Technology course to post at least once a day to the social media outlet Twitter.  Students were asked to analyze the impact Twitter had on the culture or society of the class in any appreciable way. 

The second useful blog I found this week can be found at http://learnatvivid.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/what-works-in-real-life-works-in-elearning-2/.  The blog is titled, What works in real life works in eLearning.  I found this blog so useful in not only my own eLearning experience but also gave me ideas of how to apply meaning and thought behind instructional design.  I completely agree with the ideas listed on the blog, especially in using a great hook and emotion at the start of a lesson or training program and how that hook can lead to an individual’s need to learn more about the topic being presented.  This blog gives both instructional and video examples of how to create an interesting learning environment for students.  I truly hope I can provide a strong sense of emotion in my instruction design that will inspire students to stay involved in learning and capture their attention and imagination. 

The third blog not only helps with ideas in instructional design, it is a good lesson for everyday life.  You can find Guiding principles to help us be more intentional about our course designs at the link http://coffeeandesign.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/guiding-principles-to-help-us-be-more-intentional-about-our-course-designs/.  This blog ask some very important questions that are designed to make designers more intentional in their course design.  Some of the questions include “What will the course look like?”  “What content needs to be in the course?”  “What will the learner do with this content?”  It is so important to always consider the person who will be using the course material you design.  This blog helps you to take a moment and evaluate your progress and if it meets all requirements.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on these blogs.  Please send me any other blogs you have found useful.