Week 2 Assignment – Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

By using Google, I located the two resources below that help to expand on the week’s topics: the brain and learning, information processing theory, and problem-solving methods during the learning process.  I have cited the resources and added a few comments on the value of these resources.

The first resource I found at http://www.cainelearning.com/ was developed by Geoffrey and Renate Caine.  These co-authors have written many books and articles that integrate brain research, psychology, small group processes, systems thinking and education.  What I like most about these authors, is that they are dedicated to not only providing tools to help educators help people learn, but also continue their research to provide the most up to date discoveries on how people learn and how to apply those discoveries. 

The second resource is http://www.funderstanding.com/educators/learning-on-our-minds-brain-based-classroom-applications/.  The title of this article says a lot about its value, “Learning on Our Minds: Brain Based Classroom Applications.”  For anyone who is just learning about learning processes, it can be hard to both grasp these concepts and also visualize how to apply the concepts in a learning environment.  This article gives some very good examples of theory in practice.


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