Week 2 Assignment

This week we are required to select one of the instructional design blogs that either we referenced or one of our classmates referenced and thoughtfully contribute by posting an original entry, or by responding to a previous entry.  The post should contribute original thinking or knowledge to the blog, and not merely agree or disagree with the author.

When I read the requirements for this week I could not stop thinking about the blog I read last week called “Guiding principles to help us be more intentional about our course design.”  This blog can be located at http://coffeeandesign.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/guiding-principles-to-help-us-be-more-intentional-about-our-course-designs/.  I want to start off by saying I am not a political person, nor do I have a specific political affiliation.  When I think about intention and learning, it always reminds me of one of the main learning tools in our society, network news.  With election season upon us, we are inundated with political advertisement and news stories with a specific intention of shaping our affiliation to one candidate.  It sometimes feels like the intention is to manipulate facts in order to cause a negative emotion towards another person or an issue.  These continued tactics really weigh heavy on my heart.  I know that each candidate or issue has both good and bad points.  However, if we could come together and focus on resolving issues instead of trying to obtain personal interests by portraying wrong intentions, we would be able to solve so many of the major issues in the world today.  It seems instead that wrong intentions when providing information cause us to lose focus of the real issues and topics.

In the blog “Guiding principles” blog, it suggests asking yourself specific questions when you are designing learning.  What will the course look like, what content needs to be in the course, and what will the learner do with this content?  These questions and blog are designed to make us more intentional in our instructional design.  I hope that my entry will also make you more intentional to the emotion you are portraying in your course content.  Be positive in your intention and avoid emotion that will overshadow your course content.


One response to “Week 2 Assignment

  1. I agree with the main concepts of the blog you reviewed completely. The guiding questions are an excellent place to start. What will the course look like? What content needs to be in the course? What will the learner do with this content?

    Having added courses for a developing technology program I found the more difficult challenge being allotment of time and resources to meet those goals. At the planning and perceptual level of a course those three main questions are excellent. But as the course goes the answers to those questions may change as resources change. I ran into a bit of a challenge when I planned out a class I was adding because sometimes it took students longer period or time than I estimated to complete the unit or project. Or other resources may change from when i had intially planned the unit or activity. At this point I became somewhat frustrated becuase of the amount of time I had spent developing something that would be virtually unusable due to factors I miss calculated or could not foresee.

    I was wondering if you had any experience with “over planning” in your field or work, and what possible solutions you have discovered to most effectively deal with proper management of time when planing instruction while still answering all three of those basic questions.

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